I will put here a summary with all the games and projects I've done or that I'm doing, in order to make it simple for the readers to look for them. This page will always be updated as I write and create new stuff.

. OSR (Old school revival - old school systems)

OSR extras: Many different material for Old School rpgs, like characters (Optimus Prime, Marceline), artifacts (The Lightbringer, the Rains of Castamere) and rules.

Discussing D&D: A series where I discuss about many polemics topics surrounding D&D, like 'allignments' and 'what are hit points'?

OSR Adaptations: My adaptations of settings and ideas for OSR systems, including Dark Souls, Adventure Time, Touhou and others.

. Apocalypse World Engine (AWE)

- Apocalypse World in Portuguese: Many resources for Apocalypse World that I made in portuguese.

Monsterhearts: New skins and resources for Monsterhearts;

- AWE adaptations: Here I will put my adaptations to the AWE system, as my Dark Souls for World of Dungeons, for example.

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