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Kill la Kill - Ryuko Matoi character sheet for OVA rpg

Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill
In her battle form and using her Scissor Blade

I've watched Kill la Kill. Being sincere, I didn't like it very much. Too erratic and oft too dumb, there are very little elements to the story to really make it a good show for me. However, I have to say, some things really caught my attention in the series. First, the imagery is outstanding – the angles, the style, the usage of colors and shades. This is one very beautiful anime, and beautiful in a strange, almost psychedelic trance-like way. Second, the characters – specially the main female leads, being them Ryuko and her rival, Satsuki.

Ryuko without being transformed
Strong-willed and direct, Ryuko is a very strong character that suffers very little from anime cliches. She has no romantic interest, she needs not to be protected by other characters, she has no 'cat-like' kawai voice and, although she is objectified, the whole anime is about objectification of body (for instance, there is an entire paramillitary group of naked men). She is by far the most interesting part in the whole anime.

And with that said, I adapted Ryuko stats for the OVA rpg system. This characteristics reflect her during the first episodes of the anime, soon after she met with Senketsu, the living sailor uniform that gives her her combat transformation. Stats in brackets are used when she is transformed.

Combat Expert +3
Obsession -3 (find and kill her father's assassin)
Agile +1
Bizarre Appearance -1 (strange hair)
Quick +1
Jittery -2
Tough +2
Focus -2 (Her Transformation needs Senketsu)
Iron Willed +2
Impulsive -2
Beautiful +1
Trigger -1 (Senketsu needs blood)
Intimidating +2
Short Temper -2
- Transformation (Senketsu) +5
Infamous -2 (the troublemaker bully)
Strong +2, Super Speed +1, Attack +2, Armor +2, Agile +1, Endurance reserve +2
Stubborn -2

Combat Stats
Scissor blades (Armor Piercing; Weapon): Ryuko uses her signature weapon – the giant scissor blades.
Roll 6 [7]
Dm 1 [5]
End 0
Terrifying presence (will-attack): Ryuko's exherts her will to make her enemies retreat in panic.
Roll 4
Dm 1
End 0
Fury attack (Overwhelming, Accurate x2, Weapon, Requirements x1 – need to be transformed): Ryuko attack with blinding fast attacks using her scissor blades.
Roll 8 [9]
Dm 1 [5]
End 10
Sen-i-Soshitsu - Life Fiber Lost (Accurate x4, Overwhelming, Weapon, Requirements x5 – only when opponent is almost dead and only when transformed): Ryuko's finishing move, able to destroy a life fiber clothing.
Roll 10 [11]
Dm 1 [5]
End 0
Defense 6/ Armor 0 [2]
Health 60
Endurance 40 [80]

OVA is a great rpg for playing anime-like settings. I wonder if you folks know about it and I hope this adaptation aroused your curiosity.

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