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OSR Extras (12) – Splatter Beast, new character class

Do you guys know splatterhouse? The extremely gory game from both the Sega Genesis era and its remake for XBOX 360? In resume, it's a game where you have to save the girl you love, Jen, who was taken by evil forces inside a dark Mansion (the aforementioned 'Splatterhouse'). For that, you join forces with the Horror Mask which transforms you in a Jason-like figure while you smashes and splatter through a horde of abominable and grotesque monsters, with more blood spilled than in all Mortalk Kombat games combined (maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit, eh?).

Nevertheless, it's a very gory game and, if you like splatter fiction (like the books of Clive Barker or Slasher horror films), you might be interested in those games. As I was re-watching some scenes of those games, I could not help to think about how amusing it would be to play something like that in a tabletop rpg. You know, playing as a savage hulking beast capable of destroying enemies into pieces and stuff like that.

And that is exactly what I bring you folks here. A new character class if you want to play a very gory, brutal and violent warrior, capable of mangling foes left and right. The Splatter Beast:

Splatter Beast

By some work of unknown forces, you were changed. Now you are a vessel of some source of energy hard to control and even harder to conceive, that gives you an instinctively understanding on the workings of skin and bones and flesh and blood. But not that boring kind of understanding related to lab coats, emaciated bodies and weary eyes of studies. No, your knowledge runs on a much more primal basis of fear and force, brutality and violence. You are a master of gore and all that is meat and bones bow to your skill. And it doesn't matter if you are happy or not with your current state – the power does not care. Do it for good, do it for evil. It's pointless. You are a Splatter Beast.

Requirements: ST 12, CON 10
HD: 1d10/level
Attack: +1/ 2 levels (+1 at 2 nd, +2 at 4 th, +3 at 6 th etc.)
Saving Throws: As a dwarf (1 st edition) or a paladin (2 nd edition)
XP progression: As a dwarf (1 st edition) or a paladin (2 nd edition)
Weapons and Armor: You may use any weapon and any armor.
Alignment: Any. Although one could think that the Splatter Beast is irrevocably evil, that is not true. In fact, many of those fighers bestowed with this gift of power become broken souls, unable to deal with what they've become. Many will use this power for good, others for evil. The powers do not care much


. Splatter Die: The main feature of the Splatter Beast is the Splatter Die. It starts as 1d3-1 at level 1, becoming 1d4 at level 4, 1d6 at 6, 1d8 at 8, 1d10 at 10, 1d12 at 12 and 1d20 at 18. Every time you make a melee attack, you also roll the Splatter Die and add it to your attack roll. However, besides adding to your attack roll, the Splatter Die also has other abilities. If you roll equal or higher than a creature's HD near you (at the range of your physical attack), you may choose one of the options below:

. Splatter Kill (Mutilate): You outright kill the creature in a flashy and fleshy way. If the creature is too big or powerful, the GM might deny this option. Instead, consider that you mutilate it and cause extra damage equal to the value rolled in your splatter die. Optionally, instead of extra damage, the GM may allow you to cause some affliction to the creature, making it blind, slow or something else.

. Rumble: You trample through the battlefield, smashing against the monsters and throwing them into one another. You cause your splattter die damage in an area near you. As an option, and if it is possible, you may also throw a monster against other monsters, causing an area attack (relative to the monster's size, the GM will decide) where the monster lands, causing your splatter die of damage.

For example. a 4 th level Splatter Beast would have +2 Attack and a 1d4 Splatter Die. Let suppose it is attacked by 9 kobolds (1 HD each, 4 with short bows at distance and 5 surrounding the beast). During its turn, the splatter beast attacks the kobolds near it. Rolling 13 at the attack, + 4 as the splatter die, the beast chooses to Rumble and causes 4 damage at all kobolds. Since all of them had 4 or less hp, they are all dead in a shower of trampling and stomping. On its next turn, the Splatter Beast could take one of the corpses and throw it at the other kobolds, causing damage in area and probably wiping out the feeble enemies.

. Weapons of flesh: When you use a body part as a weapon during a melee attack aginast a single opponent, your damage caused is equal to your splatter die. At level 6, the flesh weapons count as +1, at level 12, as +2 and at level 18 as +3. You can't combine this option with Rumble or Mutilate.

. Blood feed: The Splatter Beast needs blood to survive. Per day, it must drink as much blood as it needs water, or they will suffer the same effects for dehydration.

And that is the Splatter Beast. I hope you folks enjoyed it. I have some other ideas for new gory character classes that I'd like to share with you in case you like this one.

Until next time

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