Monday, June 6, 2016

Long time no see, eh?

It's been a long time since I've posted in here, right? One could say it's almost cyclical - and I would agree with that. When there is some downtime between my studies and work, I eventually come back here to update my whereabouts in the world of tabletop gaming.

In the matters of my gaming groups, well, nothing much have happened on this subject. I'm now part of a gaming group trying to publish some games and stuff, but things have cooled down a little bit. It's up to time to say if things will end up working or not.

I believe the most important recent events regarding this blog is my newfound interest in 5e D&D. After a year disconsidering it, I finally formed a group to play the system and, to my surprise, I liked it. Although kind of clunky in some aspects, overall it made some interesting twists and - may I dare say? - improvements over the old D&D. Maybe I might end up even preferring this system instead of my prized old schools variants. As of yet, I'm enjoying it very much.

So, what do I intend on bringing in to the blog, you may ask? Mostly what I've been creating and using in 5e D&D, including:

. My review of 5e D&D
. My overall house rules for the system, including: only saving throws and skill checks; a more comprehensive list of usage of saving throws; an intuitive methode of creating monsters on the spot; tweaks on classes and sub-classes; playing using only the d20
. A new rule for Mana Points/Magic points different from the DM guide,
. A set of rules for fighting giant creatures; trample attacks; new rules for Mobs
. Rules for upgrading armor and weapons: levels for items, alchemy, gem sockets, runewords, enchantments and all that good stuff from Diablo, Dark souls and similar games applied to 5e D&D.
. Character sheets, monsters and adaptations from movies, series, animes and other stuff I've been watching to 5e D&D.

Overall, these are the points I'd like to talk about in the next weeks.

See yall next time,


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