Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Zombie poetry - Returned

This is a poem I made a few days ago. The premise was simple: "What if a reanimated corpse could speak its mind?", and that is what came out of that idea.


New coursing blood now fills my veins
And fleeting feelings crack my brain
They tickle me while deep they run
Inside my body, inside my soul
This neverending dreadful hole
Oh! how delightful I've become!

So why have you me here brought
To this world of vile plot?
I want it back, I want the night
I want the vermin and the blight
The silence deep inside the earth
The joy o'not have been given birth

So please, I beg of you, consent
To this single mine intent
Just let me have the mold and moss
Just let me rot, just let me rot

No more colors, no more blots
No more life or death or plots
Just let me rot, just let me rot

Just let me rot...

Trivia: The image is from Yoshika, a zombie character in the Touhou series.

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