Sunday, June 21, 2015

A change of seasons

The strange thing about things is that things change. Evolution - in the sense of transformation, not necessarily 'advancement' - is one of the great constants of life. And to those that have been following this blog over the year, they might see how it's now changed. Where does that come from?

Well, when I was absent in all those months without writing, being busy with university and life's problems overall, I did not have much time to play rpg. However, that does not mean that once in a while I did something besides working and studying. I've read some books, seen some movies and played some games. I've also started reading comics, and was throughtly fascinated by the complex motifs worked in works like the Marvel's Civil War, for example. 

And that is the thing: I wanted to talk about them, but I thought it would not be proper to talk here, in this blog. Because I was reservating it just for rpg. But that is the catch: Gaius Ludus stands for 'Happy Games', but 'Ludus' may also mean 'ludic', 'amusements'. So, in other words, Gaius Ludus is about talking of what entertains oneself. It's about playing, in the most abroad sense of the word - playing music, games, videos, joking and having fun. Everybody plays.

So, what will become of Gaius Ludus now?

What will change: Basically, I will be talking about more different subjects now, not only rpg. Now, I will try reaching for everything that Gaius Ludus - 'Joyful amusements' - stands for. I will talk about music and share with you music I compose. Talk about movies I've seen and my thoughts on them. Talk about series, anime, comics, books, all that. Maybe share with the stuff I write, if you folks dig some good ol' poetry. Overall, everything that is Gaius and that is Ludus might be a subject. 

What will stay the same: Well, I'm still an rpg player. I will still be writing articles about rpg games, creating adaptations, character sheets and rpg reviews. The difference is that I will talk not only about rpg.

With those changes, I think I'll be able to talk more about all the things I like doing, and share them with you folks. Because even the fiercest of rpg players also enjoy watching movies, listening to music, reading books and playing other games. I just hope you folks enjoy it as much as I.

As a final nod, the tittle of this article comes from Dream Theate's CD 'A change of Seasons', and beautiful music 'Change of Seasons' - the story of a person's life, from start to finish. One of the best songs I've ever heard and that encapsulates the transience nature of living without giving it a nihilistic somber twist. Well thought and well written, composed and executed, one of the best works of the band in my opinion. You folks should take a look at it.

Well, for now, I'm leaving. But more things shall come.

Until then, as always,


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