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Mad Max 4: Fury Road, Old School Stats for Imperator Furiosa and Max

I've seen the new Mad Max movie. And it was one of the best aesthetical experiences I've ever had. Heck, only the production process alone of the movie is enough reason to give it praise. Everything was build, every car was real. The craft of this movie is something we don't usually see in nowadays CGI fest. If you love punk aesthetics – being shocking, direct, vulgar, the beauty in excess and oversaturation – you will love the looks of this movie. The Emperor of Warhammer 40k would cry tears of joy.

Besides its looks, the thematics of the movie are outstanding. Not only it deals remarkably well with the post-apocalyptic genre, but also gives an interesting twist to the genre, becoming almost a dialetical essay about the thesis of a Dystopian Reality with the antithesis of an Utopian Dream and facing the synthesis of a Possible Future.

And, if that was not enough – the beautiful visuals and great approach to the post-apocalyptic genre – the movie has a very, very strong female proactive presence. Women are warriors, survivors, leaders and heroic. In a way, the main character is Imperator Furiosa – the main female lead of the movie – and not Max. It is very refreshing seeing women in roles that does not force them into victims.

I have just a few problems with the movie. Without going into spoilers territory, I think that the chase sequences got, in the end, kind of boring. I wish that instead we had more dialogues, specially regarding Imperator Furiosa's path of ascension into becoming one of the lieutenants of Immortal Joe (the main bad guy). And one final thing, I think the movie was very eurocentric in its choice of people – I can't recall seeing a single latin, african, middle-eastern or asian person in it. Which is kind of strange to me, specially in a post-apocalyptic future where I think survivors would meld together in the wildernes.

Nevertheles, a great movie – one of the greatest I've ever seen. A must watch in my opinion, specially if you are in love with punk aesthetics and post-apocalypse done right. Now, withou futher ado, let's give some stats for Imperator Furiosa and Max. As always, [ascending] numbers inside brackets.

Imperator Furiosa

  • HD 5, 30 hp
  • AT 15 [+5], 2 punches for 1d4 each, or 1 crossbow arrow 1d6, or 1 firearm shot 2d6
  • AC 8, [12]
  • SV 11+
  • AL Neutral Good
  • XP 800xp

Special Attacks
  • . Marksman: Furiosa is an accomplished shooter. When using a ranged weapon (crossbow or firearm), she may roll twice to attack and stick with the better roll.

Special Defense:
  • . Uncanny reflexes: Years dodging explosions and bullets gave Furiosa a preternatural hability to evade such dangers. She rolls twice and gets the better result when rolling a saving throw to resist area attacks and anytime dodging is important. Also, if she has enough space to roll and tumble, she may roll a saving throw even to normal shoot attacks (by arrows or bullets), halving the damage received in the case she is hurt.
  • . Bear the pain: When Furiosa hits 0 hp, she doesn't fall. She only falls when hitting -15 hp. Adding to that, every turn she must make a saving throw against death or lose 1d6 hp.
  • . Drammatic arm-fall: When in a momment of epic drama, Furiosa may have her prosthetic arm fall. If she does, she receives +2 to her saving throws and +2 to her damage rolls. However, her attack is reduced by -2 and she is not able to use her left arm.

Special Effects:
  • . Inspiring presence: Furiosa has +3 to reaction rolls, and +15% in percentage rolls whenever leadership is envolved.

Special Skills: Furiosa counts as a 7th level Thief and may use 'Disarm Traps' also to fix engines, drive and other mechanical or technological prowes.

Combat: Furiosa is a seasoned warrior and will not dwelve into battles when she could just evade, run, hide or search for better positioning. If forced to fight, she will be relentless, although tactically prefering to make distance from her attackers. Excelling in ranged attacks, she will take cover and shoot her enemies, using her abilities of Marksman and Uncanny Reflexes. If her Hp drops to 0, don't be afraid of having a Drammatic arm-fall, giving her a boost to her saves and damage.

Max Rockatansky

  • HD 7, 45 hp
  • AT 13 [+7], 2 punches for 1d4+1 each, or 1 firearm shot for 2d6
  • AC 6 [14]
  • SV 8+
  • AL Chaotic Good
  • XP 800 xp

Special Attacks
  • . Brawler: Max is a beast in melee, being able to overcome greater odds and withstand severe punishment. Even when Max miss a melee attack, he causes half damage.

Special Effects:
  • . Bag of Blood: If the correct equipment is at hand and Max can transfuse his blood into someone, he may heal them for 1d8 hp while losing 1d4 hp himself.
  • . Phantoms of the past: Max is continually haunted by his old mistakes, which, at the same time, makes him going forward and also drags him back. Every roll where max rolls a nat 20, 'triple' the effects (be it damage, or just being something nice happening). Also, whenever he rolls a fumble (a natural 1), something very gruesome should happen to him.

Special Skills: Max count as a 7th level Thief and may use 'Disarm Traps' also to fix engines, drive and other mechanical or technological prowes.

Combat: Max is not afraid to go into combat, although, if possible, he prefers to wander off. In combat, though, he will try to use every advantage he may get. However, if combat gets close and personal, Max will not cave and, being an accomplished survivor in pit battles, he will use his Brawler special to inflict extra pain. Overall, max has high HP and saving throws, allowing him to withstand most attacks.

So, what do you folks think about the stats? And did you see the movie? I highly recommend it. I'm even thinking about creating a complete OSR adaptation for it – with rules for vehycles, new classes, firearms and stuff like that. Anyway, hope you people liked it.

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