Monday, June 1, 2015

Where have I been?

It's been basically 9 months since I've last posted here. So, what happened? 

Well, the short answer is: I've been busy studying. And the long answer? I've been studying a lot. And writing. And studying some more. University has been hard on me lately. Besides all the costumary classes, I've also began studying gender, identity and linguistics; and those studies developed into the research project I'm right now: looking for non-binary gender inflexion in brazillian portuguese. That's been consuming a fair share of my time.

And, if one research is not enough, my university has been flirting with the idea of creating an international research group of studies between the BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, Chinsa and South Africa. Being that I study mandarim, I volunteered to be part of the litterary studies refereing to chinese litterature. Although the group is not yet formed, that would be an amazing opportunity, since I'm one of the few people that know some chinese.

Additionaly to all that, I've been writing my books, poems and litterary projects. And in regards to rpg, I've started with a group of friends a website for rpg and game podcasts. So, in resume, busy. But no worries, I think I can handle things better now and may resume posting some things here. And what are the things to look forward here in Gaius Ludus?

  • Bloodborne! It's been só long since I've been here that a new Soul/Blood game has arrived. What can we do about it? Well, I say we make an OSR game!
  • Gaming and reflection: What about games that make us think and reflect about life? Heroine, My Life with Master, Apocalypse World, Shadow of Yesterday, Little Fears? Games that try shedding some light in the lives of people that suffer when making us play as the victims, the silenced and the struggling.
  • Mad Max 4, Road of Fury: Yep. I've seen it, I've loved it and I will write about it.
  • Old School Reviews: Many were the good OSR games that showed up in the last few years. All the Sine Nomine games (Stars Without Name, Other Dust, Silent Legions), the Adventurer/Conqueror/King series and their marvelous unbelievebly awesome Domains at War, and the one to rule them all in the shadows of Goredor, Lamentations of the Flame Princess. What about a review of some of them?
  • Moar adaptations: Let them OSR sheets be coming. What about Finn, the human? Or Captain America? Yep, character sheets galore.

So, these are the imediate things I will be working here. I hope you people did not forget me, cause I've not forgotten you. Stay classy, you sassy folks.

Until next time (and it will be very soon),


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