Monday, June 8, 2015

The Hunter from Bloodborne: new class for Old School D&D

So, there is a new souls game. Except that now, it is not about souls.
It is about blood.

Bloodborne is amazing – one of the most endearing games I've ever seen. The scenery, the setting, the mechanics - everything is beautiful. And even the story - which at the surface might seem the generic 'vitorian hellsing-like hunter against the creatures of the night' - gets a mindblowing twist at the middle of it that, although not entirelly 'innovative' or 'new', just gets you by surprise. But fear not, fellow gamers, for I will give no spoiler here.

Instead, I will give the option to play the Hunter class, inspired in the titular hunter character of Bloodborne, to be used in any Old School D&D like game you may have. Now, with no further ado, the Hunter class:

The Hunter
Prowess Die
The “Smelly”
The “Rookie”
The “Priest”
The “Reverend”
The “Inquisitor”
The “Crow”
The “Insightful”
The “Kindred”
The “Moon's Chosen”

Hit die: 1d10/level
Saving throws and Experience progression: As per the fighter's.
Weapons: The same as the fighter's.
Armors: A hunter depends on its speed and nimbleness. So, for each armor class bonus, it receives -1 in its prowess die roll. So, a mail with +4 AC bonus would give -4 to the prowes die.

Initiative and surprise bonus: A hunter's reflexes are keened and sharp. So, at the start of a combat, the hunter may roll it's prowes die and add to its initiative roll as a bonus. Also, because of its developed senses, a hunter rolls twice and stays with the better roll when rolling for surprise checks.

The prowes die: A hunter fights with speed, skill and deadly precision, and all of this is represented by the Prowes die. On its turn, the hunter makes a prowes roll using the prowess die, and the resulting points may be used for various effects:
  • . Attack: Every point used add +1 to the Attack roll.
  • . Damage: Every point used gives +1 to the damage roll.
  • . Evasion: Every point spent gives +1 AC bonus until next turn.
  • . Blood Regeneration: A hunter is born by the blood, made alive by the blood. So, when it deals damage to an opponent, for every point spent the hunter recovers 1 hp. This may only be used during combat. A hunter may not drink blood after combat to heal itself – only when fighting for its life.

A hunter may split the result of the prowes roll as it pleases. So, a hunter lvl 5 who rolls 5 would have +8 points to spend. It could spend 4 to boost the attack, 2 to amplify damage, 1 to regerate and save the reamining one to evasion (+1 AC). To make it easy to follow, just let the prowess die on the table. As the hunter uses it to boost its actions, just change the value until it goes to 0.

At the beginning of every turn, a hunter rolls another prowes check. It is not cumulative, so leftovers are discarded.

And that is the Hunter. What do you folks think? Using the prowes die might make for some interesting scenes and stunts. If you use it in your game, tell me how it went.

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