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OSR extras (11) – Kamen Rider Black, rpg character sheet

(Warning:  The original post had a rant about life, since today is my birthday and I'm very grumpy during my birthday. But, because that had little to do with this gaming blog, I transferred it to my other blog. If you are curious to read the rant, just click here)

Since today is my birthday, I would like to post something special: Kamen Rider Black, a character from a show that helped shaping my way of seeing the world. I watched the show when I was very little, hardly understanding anything out of it – but the images clung on me, following me as I grew up. The show was dark, the hero oft had people betray him, walking alone and sacrificing himself for the Greater Good. The villains were perversions of life, aberrations created with evil intent by uncaring beings whose purpose solidified only in domination and profit. Nevertheless, the hero fought, besides the unbelievable odds against him and inevitable failure.

Well, here are the stats for him:

Kotaro Minami, the Kamen Rider Black

HD 8, or 48 hp
At 10 [+10], 2 martial arts attacks for 2d6 damage each
AC 0 [20]
SV 8+
All Neutral Good
Xp 4.000

Observation: In his normal human form, Kotaro has only 1 HD, 4 hp, At 19 [+1], damage 1d6, AC 10 [0], SV 18+ and XP 10.

Introduction: Kotaro Minami was taken by the evil Gorgom cult, transformed into an insect-cyborg and infused with the Black Sun Kingstone (the belt at his waist). However, instead of following the Gorgom's plans and become one of the Century Kings – together with his stepbrother, Nabuhiko, also taken by the Gorgoms – he was able to escape. Now, being able to transform into Kamen Rider Black, Kotaro hopes in rescuing his stepbrother while fighting against the Gorgom's monster army.

- Special attacks:

. Rider Punch: A special energy punch that Black can deliver. Works as a normal attack, unless the creature is below 1/ 2 maximum hp. Then, it must make a saving throw against Death or be destroyed.

. Rider Kick: A special energy kick that Black can deliver. It functions as a normal attack. However, if the creature is below 1/ 4 maximum hp, it must make a saving throw against Death with -4 penalty of be destroyed.

. Kingstone Flash: A very powerful energy surge that can be unleashed by his Kingstone. It makes any creature with 30 HD or less to back up in fear for 1d4 turns, allowing Black to catch up his breath and recuperate. Can be used only once per encounter.

- Special Defenses:

. Multi-eye: His special eyes enable him to see in the dark and also find weakspots in an enemy. If Kamen Rider awaits a whole turn analysing an enemy, his next attack, if hits, will be critical (or 3x damage if it also gets a natural 20).

. Sensoring ears: The triangles on the side of her head are very sensitive ears, enabling him super human hearing.

. Rider Sensor: The antennae on his head gives him another senses, allowing him to perceive enemies too fast or hidden.

. Power Stripes: The stripes on his neck and wrists may blow to protect him from any kind of movement restrainment, be it magical or not. Kamen Rider black acts as if in the effect of a Freedom spell.

Well, I hope you folks liked this. Kamen Rider Black is one very important show for me. Anyway, as my classes at the university resume and I go searching for a job, I don't believe I will be able to continue writing here daily – maybe once or twice a week, I don't know. It's been good doing so and was an interesting experience, I should say. See you people soon.

Until next time,

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