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OSR Extras (10) - Zaheer, from Legend of Korra Book 3, rpg character sheet

SPOILERS ALERT– there will be spoilers in this post about Legend of Korra Book 3. If you did not see until the Episode 11 of the Book 3, then you might want to ignore this post for now.

There are some great cartoons nowadays – cartoons that create incredibly dense stories, with interesting characters and an art style to match. One of those is the Avatar series – both Aang and Korra. Although Korra have had many problems compared with Aang – specially because the episodes seem, in general, rushed – it is, still, one of the greatest shows to grace TV nowadays and, in my opinion, one of the greatest animated series of all time.

So, today I will bring you the main villain for Korra Book 3 – Zaheer. Before you venture forth, let me tell you that there will be spoilers in his character sheet. So, beware. As always, outside brackets is Old, inside is New.

Zaheer, the one with the void, human fighter 9

HD 9, or 54 HP
At 11 [+9], 2 martial arts attacks for 1d6 damage each (look more at Air Attacks)
AC 7 [13], or -2 [22], look more at 'Great Dodge'
SV 8+, look more at Great Evasion
All Chaotic neutral
XP 5.000


Mastermind: Zaheer is considered one of the most dangerous persons in the world – even before he got his airbending. The GM is free to invoke impossible escapades and improbable allies appearing wherever Zaheer as in the scene. Also, Zaheer is almost never surprised.

'Enter the Void': Zaheer, after the Harmonic Convergence, became an Airbender. Not only that but, through intense mental training, meditation and control over his body, he attained a state of mastery unmatched in centuries, unlocking the ability to Fly at will and with perfection. However, he is not able to carry much more than his own weight while flying.

Air Attacks: Every time Zaheer strikes, after the attack roll, the target must also make a saving throw against breath weapons/Reflexes, even if the attack missed. If the target fails, it is now prone - losing its action for the turn if not yet acted, or acting last in the next round. If it was successfully attack, then double the damage received – if it was a critical (2x damage), then make it triple damage (3x).

Improved Initiative: Zaheer's keen reflexes and mental acuity allows him to always be the first one to act in a combat round – although extraordinary situations might take it away from him (GM's decision).

Great Evasion: Zaheer can evade impossible attacks. If any attack asks for a saving throw and Zaheer has space for moving around, if Zaheer succeeds, the attack causes no damage instead of half damage. And, even if he fails, he takes only half damage.

Great Dodge: Zaheer is agile beyond imagining. If he is in a place he is free to move around, his AC is -2 [22]. Also, if needed to run away, Zaheer is almost impossible to be stopped from running.

Combat: Zaheer will always try the best tactics possible. He will defeat weak opponents first, he will use hostages as meat shields, he will run if he has to run. When attacking, he will try using his Air Attacks against the strongest melee opponents in order to disable their attacks before they can act.

I hope you guys liked him. He is one of my favorite villains – since I kind of study budhism and taoism and, therefore, I can correlate with some of Zaheer's ideals and state of minds. He is a very powerful foe to use in any campaign, specially because he is a great planner with a chaotic nature to boost his plans. He can easily kill a whole party of adventurers if they are not prepared.

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