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OSR Extras (6) – The Rains of Castamere music, a new bard song

I love the Rains of Castamere – so much in fact that I made aportuguese version of it. I think that its simplicity and yet somber tones makes for one of the most eerie and intimidating musics out of them all. I've already posted inspired by the Lightbringer song, and today I will bring a new bard song – the legendary Lannister's Song, the Rains of Castamere.

The Rains of Castamere, legendary bard song

The sheet of music which has the song has a magical nature to it, visible through 'Detect Magic', although any Bard can sense it naturally. In fact, a bard can read the 'soul' of the music and, if interested, may study it carefully. If the bard spends 5.000 xp, he may then gain access to its powers.

When the bard has a chance to perform the song, anyone of his enemies will feel the weight of his words a thousandfold. Everyone must make a spell saving throw or become intimidated. Those intimidated will be too afraid to raise arms against the bard or his group, unless directly attacked by the Bard or his companions. In fact, the Bard is capable to even escape otherwise impossible situations – like for example, he may sing the song while in a cell in prison and make the guards free him. Beyond intimidation, if the Bard sings for his troops the song, all who hear him will receive +1 to all attack rolls during the next battle, to a maximum of 1 thousand people.

But there is a price: every time the song is used, the GM must roll a d100 in the open and make the players think that this has something to do with the level of the effect of the music. In fact, if the die rolls 100, what happen is that the spirits of the Rains will appear out of nowhere and try dragging the bard to the afterlife. If the Bard survives, that will not impede the effect to happen again, would he roll a 100 again.

Ghosts of Castamere (3d4)

HD 8, or 40 hp
At 10 [+10], spectral touch for 2d10 damage and save against death +4
AC 0 [20], can only be hit by +2 weapons or better
Sv 9+
All True Neutral
XP 4.000
Special: The spectral touch also have the victim make a +3 saving throw against death or have the soul taken to the afterlife.

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