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RPG a Day, favorite characters - Ancaladax, the Dragon of Urd and Vecna, Lich supreme of D&D

Vecna, the supreme Lich e Ancaladax, Dragon of Urd
- my favorite characters for #rpgaday -

(Summary TL;DR)

. My favorite rpg character created by me is Ancaladax, the millenial dragon of Urd who controls mentally all bank transactions of the world. He overshadows mountains and his breath has the might of nuclear explosions; the whole world has a contingency plan to deal with him, would he one day desire to obliterate the whole planet.

. My favorite character from a published rpg is Vecna, the ultimate lich of D&D, and the one to blame for the change of the laws of the universe from the 2nd to the 3rd edition.


Today I'm participating to the #RpgaDay event, and I will talk about someone very dear to me, that was also the reason for me winning a rpg contest years ago: Ancaladax, the Maxime Draconis of Urd.

Ancaladax, the beyond divine

Ancaladax is one of my favorite characters, and possibly my favorite character from my rpg games. He is the more than divine dragon from Urd, a world of fantasy with a technology level similar to the Renaissance, with touches from the industrial revolution. With an inteligence without equal, Ancaladax created the first and only banking system of the world, controlling all posts and agencies with a telepatic link unbreakeable. His inteligence level is such that he is able, at any moment, to know every and each transaction happening elsewhere amidst his hundreds of agencies around the world. This made him one of the most influential beings in the planet, as all transactions happen through him - of course, if you pay the Dragon Fee(d).

Ancaladax is the only draconian at the planet. Dragons are aliens in Urd and, for the urdians, 'Dragon' is but a tittle that Ancaldax calls himself and his offsprings. Because, although there are no other pure dragons, Ancaladax has many offsprings - all with reptiles. For the banker king, all other races that do not resamble dragons are inferior.

He is greater than mountains. His breath of fire is as poweful as nuclear explosions. He is the greatest mystic in the world, able to cast both divine and arcane magic with ease. And beyond that, his thousands of years taught him profund knowledge about almost all subjects imaginable, be them academic or military, ancient or futuristic.

Ancaladax, Maxime Draconis
- any resamblance with Tolieen's Ancalagon is mere coincidence -

So, if a creature is that powerful, how have it not simply dominated the world yet? That is the thing, any kind of activity greatly drains and fatigues Ancaladax. Therefore, he passes most of his time sleeping or, quoting the great Lovecraft, 'dead, but dreamming'. However, that does not make the powers of the world of Urd confortable with their position. In fact, although they hate one another mutually, they made a pact saying that, would Ancaladax rise one day, all would band together to stop him. All of them.

"You are strong, child. But I am beyond strength"

And even so, most believe that, although hurt, Ancaladax would win the battle. In face of that, many ask themselves what are the real plans of Ancaladax. What would be his agenda, his objectives? Still, they will never know. How can someone understand the mind of a creature beyond divine?


- Bonus: My favorite character in a published rpg -

Vecna preso em Ravenloft
So, if I have to chose a character from a published rpg, I would stay with Vecna. Maybe the most well known Lich in all tabletop rpg (because, outside of them, the Lich King from Warcraft wins that tittle), Vecna was a very powerful wizard in the world of Oearth (in Greyhawk's setting). He was able to become Lich and grow the borders of his empire, until betrayed by his vampire liutenant Kas. Despite all that, Vecna was still able to scheme and become a lesser deity, planning and fighting to be a greater god. His plans failed and he was trapped and reborn in Ravenloft. Even still, vecna eventually was able to break free from the demi-plane of horror and almost reshaped the whole multiverse, changing it's laws - in fact, that was the explanation for the change from 2nd to 3rd edition rules in D&D, he is the one to blame! So, being the forefather of the New School of D&D, and kind of a great symbol for both Old and New School, my choice is him, Vecna! Der grösste und mächtigste Lich! 

- most emblematic lich in D&D -

Link das imagens: Dragão 1234 ; Vecna 123

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