Monday, August 25, 2014

OSR Extras (7) – Ryu of Street Fighter II, rpg character sheet

I find street fighter, specially Street Fighter II, to be the quintessential fighting game – even beyond Tekken and Mortal Kombat. The fighting mechanics of the game were simple, direct and awesome. Till today people play that game and go on tournaments against one another. So, I'd like to bring today the stats for the most iconic character in Street Fighter: Ryu. As always, outside is Old School, inside is New School.

Ryu, Human Fighter 8

HD 8, or 50 hp
AT 12 [+8], 2 punches 2d4 each or 1 kick 2d6; or special attacks (see below)
AC 5 [15]
SV 10+
AL Lawful Good
XP 2.000

Special attacks: Ryu has some techniques that he may use while fighting. To invoke those techniques, after rolling the damage, you may also make a Saving Throw. If successful, the attack causes more damage - if a failure, the attack causes no damage. His special attacks are Shoryuken, Haduken

. Shoryuken (rising punch): While attacking with his punches, before rolling for damage, Ryu may make a saving throw. If he is successful, double the damage caused. 

. Tatsumaki senpuu kyaku (helicopter kick): When using his Kick attack, Ryu may make a saving throw. If successful, Ryu may either cause damage to everyone near him or cause triple damage to one opponent.

. Haduken: Instead of using his normal attacks, Ryu may use a long ranged energy attack (haduken) with At 10 [+10] and 1d12 damage. This attack does not need a saving throw from Ryu to be activated.

Those stats reflect Ryu during Street Fighter II, so he is not yet as powerful as he will be in other iterations of the game. I find it funny how people say that Old School rpgs are limited – well, I don't think so. I believe that, knowing what to change and how, you can play any game with it – even a Street Fighter one. But that is something to talk another day.

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