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OSR extras (1) - Pentakill's Lightbringer, an artifact for tabletop rpg

Pentakill, a band inspired by League of Legends
- Seriously, you folks need to hear them; they are awesome -
So, I was hearing an amazing music, The Lighbringer, by Pentakill, and inspired by it I decided to write something Old School out of those lyrics. Thus, t'is a special post for League of legends players, music lovers and old schoolers. I bring thee 'The Lightbringer', an artifact for old school tabletop rpg.

Icon of the item
in LoL
It is one of the most powerful relics from the distant plane of the 'Legends of Leagues'. Any person can feel its magical aura, be that person trainned in the arcane arts or not. As a weapon, the Lightbringer works as a short bow +3 of returning - its arrow always coming back after you fire it. In fact, even if the arrow has not yet struck the opponent, the user may continue attacking - if he has more than one attack per turn - and new replicates will magically appear, allowing him do to so. The bow also does a critical hit (doubling the damage) on a 16+ natural on the d20, and the hurt creature will bleed for three turns, losing extra 1d6 hp per turn. At last, those who have the bow in their posession (either at hands or just carrying it on their back) are capable of perceiving ambushes (they cannot be surprised) and sense invisible creatures as if they had True Sight.

With this set of skills, the Lightbringer is already a powerful magical item. However, there is more. If the user is of lawful alignment and has come into contact with the legendary and lost song of the bardic band Pentakill, he may rise the weapon to the sky and scream 'I am the Lightbringer'. If he does so while wishing to give up his soul to fighting the darkness of the world, he will then become the Champion of Light - his souls forever bounded into combating the shadows, evil and chaos. With that, when using the Lightbringer, the relic shows its true power.

Now, besides all those other powers, it is a +3 bow that becomes +6 against chatoic or evil creatures. Everytime it gets a critical hit against such creatures, they must succeed in a saving throw against magic or be desintegrated. Besides that, the Lightbringer may change to fit its user will, with its part componentes becoming any suitable weapon - for example, it could become a whip because of the bow's string; the arrow's head may get thinner and become a sword; the shaft may be used as a club etc. No matter the form, it will maintain the 'returning' enchantment - so, even if you throw it as a hammer or sword, it will go back to the user's hand. If surrounded by enemies, the user may scream 'Bring Down the Reckoning' to explode in light, causing his melee damage to all creatures in a 30 feet (50 meters) radius around him. The creatures can make a saving throw to take half damage. This attack is hurtful even for the user and his allies, which receive the damage too. At last but not least, the user presence becomes inspiring, giving +1 Moral to troops and allies e, as long as his soul belongs to the Lightbringer, he will not get old.

Never surrender, never retreat, until the Light embraces all
- or until the Light of your eyes is lost -

But such power comes with a bitter price. The user is transformed, becoming a vengeful person, obsessed with 'bringing back' the 'golden age', saving the 'kingdom', 'bring down the dark regime' and other criptic sayings that not even he knows what they mean. He will fight every day, never truly resting, always in a state of complete dedication and abandoned recklesness. He must fulfill his destiny and fight the shadows off this world and lead everyone to victory. Such a powerful blessing and curse are impossible to be dispelled even by the gods - only the Wish spell may have any chance of freeing the user from the Lightbringer and, even after that, the user will forever feel 'empty', as part of the light that illuminated him was lost.

If the user dies while embodying The Lightbringer, the relic will find someone else to wield it. It is said that no shadow can hold it for long and, in one way or another, the weapon will always end up in the hand of a good warrior. And if that warrior happens to discover the legendary song of the Pentakill, then he may also become, again, The Lightbringer embodied.

So, what do you guys thing of my adaptation? I centered it around the epicness of the Pentakill's song, and I hope you liked it.

Until next time,

Ps: Yeah, the Lightbringer is a League of Legends item from Dominion map. Didn't you also think just like myself that it was a reference to Lux, eh?

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- Extra: The Lyrics of the music -

Fellow armsmen, I ask you,
Will you follow me tonight to break their spine,
And reclaim what once was mine?
Those cravens.

Backstabbed me, deceived me,
Never shall I tolerate their crimes again,
Now let the hunt begin.

7000 souls, scared and daunted, such tale of woe,
Not too long ago, this village was a golden 
scene of hope.

Call down the reckoning,
To bring back hope and peace,
Restore our gloria,
To live forever.

Bring down the dark regime,
I know how to unleash eternal power,
Lead us to order,
I am the Lightbringer!

Fellow warriors, I ask you,
Should my campaign come to an end?
There's way more to avenge.

15 million souls,
Living in this realm without much hope,
Not too long ago, this kingdom was a golden 
state of hope.

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