Monday, August 4, 2014

Age of Legends 1 - Introduction to the project

The classic PC game 'Age of Empires'
One of the great inspirations for my Age of Legends rpg
(Summary TL;DR)

. The Age of Legends (AoL) is a rpg project whose idea is to emulate the sagas and heroes of classic texts, while using the historical Earth as its setting, maintaining the mythological, magical and divine elements.

. The basic setting would occur during the Colapse of the Bronze Age (~1300-900 BC), the same period of the War of Troy, the Invasion of the Dorian and other legendary events.

. The system will be inspired by Old School rpgs, specially AD&D and OD&D.


So, it is time to present the Age of Legends, the project which I've been dedicating myself in the last couple weeks (and that, I must point out, was the motivation for me to create this blog).

My idea with Age of Legends is to create an old school rpg with the structure of the epics and sagas of yore, using as inspiration its classic literature – be it mythological or religious, new or old –, like the Iliad and Odyssey; the Japanese Kojiki; the Indian Mahabarata; the Summerian Gilgamesh; the Egyptian Am-Tuat; the Nordic Volsung Saga; the Portuguese Lusiads; the Old Testament and the Torah; the Beowulf; the Irish Lebor Gébala Érenn; and many, many more.

It's true that this proposal already exists in other rpgs, like Slaine d20, using the celtic mythology; the Testament d20, using the Old Testament; the Arrows of Indra, using the Mahabarata; and the Spears of the Dawn, using African mythology and religion. Even D&D does a similar thing, basing its games around the european mythology of knights (as with the settings of Dragonlance, Grayhawk, Forgotten Realms and Birthright). With so many games doing a similar thing, what Age of Legends would bring of new to the table?

The main difference is in the fact that all those rpgs which I have presented used such classic tales in order to create a new fantastic world that, although similar, it's different from our own. And that is the proposal of Age of Legends: instead of creating new cities, countries, lands and people inspired by the classical texts, it would be based upon historical Earth.

Yes, there would be some reservations. It would be the historical Earth based on mythology and legend, with magic and gods. The same Earth that we read in old tales; where Heracles went to hell to capture Cerberus; where Circe transformed sailors into pigs; where the bards of the Tuatha de Danaan threw fireballs with their songs; where Moses was able to part the Red Sea; where Amaterasu herself allowed Jimmu to fund the Empire of Japan.

I know that this could be a very delicate point, mixing so many different beliefs, specially when dealling with religious texts like the Bible and the Torah. But my intention is not to create friction, nor is it to attack or discredit any religion. I just want to create the possibility for amazing stories, and the idea of creating, for example, an Israelite hero, capable of convoking the help of Angels and pronounce sacred psalms would be amazing.

So, that is the proposal of Age of Legends: create a game using mythological and historical Earth as its setting which, even though fantastic and supernatural, it would still be our Earth, with thousands of years of history, texts, languages, music, arts, empires, people and civilizations that Game Masters and Players would be able to search and use in their campaigns. I will be posting more regarding the project, my choice with the system, the setting and the overall tone of the game.

Until then,


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