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RPGaDay, weirdest rpg - Land of Og and Defenders of Tokyo

Weird rpgs: Land of Og and Defenders of Toquio
 - in the background, Aura -

Following the #RPGaDay, today I will talk about the weirdest rpgs I have. Since this blog is both in english and portuguese, I will talk about a portuguese and an english rpg.

My choice for the english one is Land of Og - a comedy rpg with its setting in the Stone Age, with human beings side by side with dinossaurs and things like that. In general, its system is very Old School, not only because of its class system, but also because of its similarities with wargames, having multiple attack rolls and armor rolls for damage.

The expansion book of Land of Og

However, the most interesting and weird thing about the system is the fact that, since it passes during the stone age, humanity would still be developing linguistics capabilities. Thus, the characters have a very limited access to vocabulary. This makes the players to try comunicating almost exclusively through grunts and gestures, having at their disposition only a few keywords (ugly, big, strong etc). A very interesting mechanic for a very weird rpg.

Now, for my portuguese rpg, even though there are many strange ones - like the obscure Utopia - I decided to talk about another; one very importante for the Brazillian rpg hobby. The Defenders of Tokyo (more well known as '3d&t').

Original defenders of Tokyo
- where the mockery is without limits -

Also a comedy rpg, 3d&t's intention was to make games satirizing the japanese animes, games and mangas. As time went by, the system was being diversified and, today, it is more of a generic rpg for playing anime-like settings. This version I'm showing in the picture depicts the original idea, with many images making fun of anime cliches.

The system was very simple: five basic attributes (strength, ability, resistance, armor and firepower). in combat, roll 1d6 + strength (for melee attacks) or firepower (for ranged attacks), reduce from the enemy's armor and have the difference applied to your hit points. For skill tests, just roll 1d6 equal or under your ability and, for saving throws, roll equal or under  your Resistance or Armor (depending on the situation). There was also a list for skills, advantages and disadvantages, but those were the basis of the system.

3d&t is one of the three big rpg systems from Brazil's 'Old School', together with Tagmar, (the Brazillian D&D), and Daemon (the Brazillian Gurps or Call of Cthulhu, per se). Those three were maybe the most influential and important to create and develop the brazillian's rpg picture and, in the future, I intend on reviewing them. For now, that's all folks. Tell me which weird rpgs you folks have.

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