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RPGaDay, favorite ingame fiction - 'Die, Vecna, Die!' or how Vecna "killed" the Old School

Classic adventure 'Die, Vecna, Die!'
- Marking the end of AD&D and the beginning of D&D 3rd edition -

Today, following the #RPGaDay, I will talk briefly about my favorite ingame fiction that I liked the most.

Out of them all, two come to my head. The first one is Time of Judgement, from White Wolf, whcih marked the apocalypse from the Old World of Darkness. Essentially, the book told the last stories regarding most of the many supernatural races in that setting (Werewolves, Fairies, Mages etc.).

However, my vote goes to Die, Venca, Die!, the last adventure of AD&D. It tells about how the supreme Lich Vecna tried to reshape the multiverse for his own whims. I talked about that in my postabout my favorite characters, and I reiterate: Vecna is the one who 'stole' Christimas...I say...'killed' the Old School and gave birth to the New School.

In the book, Vecna, after being able to freed himself  from Ravenloft, make plans in order to have the whole multiverse to be redone by himself. After being defeated by the players, he loses his post of Greater god and fall into lesser godhood. Nevertheless, the reflections of his plan hold on to the universe, altering many worlds e, basically, changing the rules from the 2 nd edition to the 3 rd new edition. It is a very good text to be read and all old school players should have a name to blame for the death of the 'old way'.

Joking aside, it's a very good read and I hope I enticed you guys to give it a try. And what about you? What is your favorite ingame fiction?

Until then,

Everyone heil Vecna, the 'killer' of the Old School
and 'forefather' of the New School.

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