Monday, August 18, 2014

OSR Extras (4) – Marshall Lee from Adventure Time, character rpg sheet

So, I posted about Marceline – and it is pretty late here Yeah...I would not post more today, but something special happened. I re-encountered an old friend after six long years without knowing of him. So, because of that, here is her favorite character from Adventure Time in OSR stats: Marshall Lee. As always, Old School out of brackets, New School inside the brackets.

HD: 15, or 72 (in other words, 12 times 6), and 100 in Monster form
At: 5 [+15], 1d4 punch/bite, or 0 [+20] in monster form, 4d6 slam damage
AC: 3 [17], or 0 [20] in monster form
Sv: 5+
All: Chaotic Neutral
XP: 7.000


Shapeshifting: As his female counterpart, Marshall Lee can shapeshift and also has a monster form which he uses in combat and gives him +5 to Attack, +3 to AC and +28 hp.

Necromancy: Marshall Lee can Animate the Dead in a place where suitable corpses are avaliable. 2D6+4 Skeletons will rise by his command. It is possible that more powerful undead can be called to his command.

Other powers: As Marceline, Marshall Lee can fly at will with perfection and probably has a thousand different powers – although they have not yet appeared in the cartoon. Because of that, I will not post them here.

Yeah, Marshall Lee's sheet is way shorter than Marceline's cause I'm basing myself at what we saw in the cartoon until now – and we have seen too little out of Lee. Anyway, I hope you folks liked it.


Image 1

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