Saturday, August 9, 2014

RPGaDay, favorite dice/set of dice - The One Ring and Battletech

At the picture, my favorite set dice: The One Ring and Battletech
- in the background, Aura -

Participanting at the #RPGaDay event, I will talk shortly about my favorite set of dice: the one from The One Ring rpg and the one from the Battletech box.

- The One Ring -

The One Ring rpg

The One Ring rpg uses 6d6 and 1d12 for its rolls. The 1d12 is the basic die to which are added a number of d6s related to the skill level the character has. It's a very elegant system and original, which I commented briefly at my Journey post and, in the future, I intend on giving it an overral review.

However, focusing only on the set dice, I love their design. The d6s have black numbers on the 4, 5 and 6; and white on the 1, 2 and 3. This has a mechanical reason behind: when the characters are fatigued, they ignore the white numbers, making rolling harder. This is one of the most eficient and simple ways to convey fatigue in a rpg system that I ever seen.

The d12 has numbers that go from 1 to 10, with the 11 being the Eye of Sauron and 12 being the Gandal rune. When Gandalf happens, it normally means automatic success or something good happening; when Sauron, it is something bad, and it can mean a critical failure. Because of that, this is one of the most amazing systems to have impressive and epic resolutions. I had players intimidating Spectres and seducing Vampires in reason of that.

In resume, one of the best games I've seen and one of the most beautiful set of dice I've layed my eyes upon.

- Battletech  - 

My Battletech box

Battletech dice
Now, talking about Battletech, it is a strategy wargame using Mechs. It has decades of history and compromising with its gigantic fanbase, and deserves a better analysis in another time from me. Talking solely about the dice, the system uses d6s for resolution. These 2d6 came with the box, and are my favorite ones. Simple, vivid and strong colors evoking the idea of war and battle. I like them very much

This was a short post, but I hope that you enjoyed it. Soon I will talk more.

Until then,

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