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RPGaDay, old rpg you still read/play - Daemon and AD&D

Old rpgs I still read, Daemon and AD&D
- in the background, Septimus Malleus -

Hoje, seguindo o #RPGaDay, falarei sobre o rpg antigo que eu ainda jogue/leia. Para os leitores desse site, não será uma surpresa ao dizer que eu ainda leio os antigos livros de AD&D. Portanto, para ir além do óbvio, irei falar de outro rpg antigo que eu ainda leio: O Daemon.

Today, following the #RPGaDay, I will talk about an old rpg that I still read/play. For those following this blog, it will be no surprise that I say I still read the old AD&D books. Because of that, going beyond the obvious, I will talk about another rpg I still read: Daemon.

As I said before, Daemon is, to me, one of the foundation stones of Brazillian rpg (together with 3d& and Tagmar), and would be the brazillian equivalent to 'Gurps' or 'Call of Cthulhu'. It has, for me, the best attribute progression in any rpg, using a mathematical formula which, for evey 6 points, you double the effect of the attribute. Besides that, the system has one of the best fluff for magic system - since the book author, Marcelo del Debbio, is himself an occultist and the magical practices inside the book reflect, at least to my knowledge, directly his magical studies.

Arkanum, the classic setting of Daemon
- Medieval inquisition with cruel angels and ambitious demons -

Contudo, Daemon é envolto em infâmia e, hoje, muito mal visto por todos que ainda não o joguem. A maioria de seus livros consiste de cópias de texto uns dos outros. Suas regras costumam ser, muitas vezes, mal explicadas ou com a sensação de 'inacabadas'. Sua progressão matemática de 'a cada 6, dobre o efeito' não consegue ser aplicada de maneira efetiva às rolagens do sistema, e mesmo o sistema de magia, que é extremamente bem feito teoricamente, na parte mecânica do sistema é bastante simples e não passa de um sistema comum de 'pontos de magia'.

However, Daemon is shrouded in infamy and, today, kind of hated by all who do not play it. Most of its books have copies from texts from each other. Its rules are, many times, not explained well or have the sensation of 'undone'. Its mathematical progression of 'every 6 units double the effect' does not apply itself effectively to the rolls of the dice, and even its magic system, which is outstandingly well done fluff-wise, mechanically is very weak with simple 'magic points' applications.

Nevertheless, it is a very important rpg for me. Its aspect of 'undoneness' makes Daemon have an aura similar to that of old D&D, where GMs had to improvise rules. In the same way, one of the greatest Old Schools communities in brazillian tabletop rpgs is the one from Daemon, creating new rules even today, and even after a decade that the game has been 'dead'.

Well, but I will talk more about Daemon in another time. But how about you, folks, what old rpg do you still play/read?

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